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Dawn Chevoya

While I was managing a middle school library in Michigan for thirteen years, I enjoyed bonding with some of the outsiders and book geeks during lunch hour, and then, after school working on yearbook layouts with some of the insiders. They all helped inspire me when I later started writing TRAPPER’S GROUNDING which began over ten years ago as a made-up story for my two young grandsons on long drives to the woods for our annual camping trip in Ontario. My son and daughter have given me seven awesome grandkids in all.

Besides writing, I love to dig in the dirt, plant things, andĀ  sometimes photograph or paint them. Growing up in Miami Florida (in the 50s & 60s), I felt a lot like Brennon Trapper did. Well, I think we all did, or do to some degree growing up. Even the most loving, well-meaning parentsĀ at times fail to recognize what we really need, and we often fail, as well, to find our own voice. My home is in Lansing Michigan where I currently work in a Law School Library.

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